This Old Heart of Mine

Wow, it’s been a (long) while since I’ve posted anything.  My husband has asked me many times since last November when I was planning to write again, and I answered each of his questions the same….I would simply tell him, “I don’t know.”  Change is one part of life that happens whether we like it or not.  I can tell you that there have been many changes in our lives since last year.  I left you with the news that the Wilder Nest was moving to a new tree, and I described “the best laid plans” for our move.  You know about those kind of plans, they often “go awry!” They certainly changed for us, and I’m glad.  If we had followed that very first “best laid plan”,  I would be writing this from a new home inside another gated community. Another community that looks more like a “house farm” than a neighborhood; a place where lots of over 50 folks ride around in golf carts.  I really thought that was what I wanted.  Thankfully, the light came on in my brain and allowed me to realize my heart was never in it. I’ve always been more of a beach girl probably since I did grow up on the coast of NC. 

I am happy to report that thanks to my precious husband who knows me so well and loves me like no other,  we are nesting in this amazingly awesome “downtown real neighborhood.”  Each house is different with a personality all it’s own much like the people who live in them.   Some are old, some are young, some are in between…all interesting.  This neighborhood known as “The Promise Land” is special, and it feels that way to me.

Most mornings I  wake up early to the the melodious singing (technically chirping) from seagulls over the sound near our home.  Or, If I sleep really late…I can wake up, walk out on my porch, and hear the laughter of the children playing on the playground at St. Egberts School.  It is on the other side of “our nest”.  Either way…beautiful music to my ears.  It just doesn’t get any better for me. The heart knows!

Coming soon….”Seven Lonely Nights” in Bear Creek.


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