What a difference a day makes! 

If you read my last post you will know what I’m talking about, and if you did not then you might want to…or not. Well…what it was is that one of my “biologicals”was having a really yucky day with an anxiety “issue”, and it was stressful for me just hearing about it ! It seems to have been resolved as far as I know.  I have not heard anything different , so I am very thankful for prayers answered! Sometimes it feels like we could film a reality show around here. We could call it “As the WilderNest turns”!  All kidding aside I am glad to move peacefully into the weekend. The sun is shining outside, my errands are complete, and our nest is looking very inviting right now. Hubby and I have a date night tonight and we both have lots of projects going on at home. 

I plan to spend my weekend trying some recipes for homemade (and healthy) doggie and kitty treats. No I will not sample them myself; However…I do hope they will be safe and tasty for our beloved “fur kids” and for humans too( safe anyway if not tasty: ) I will let our precious and loving “Luna” and “Dakota” be the first taste testers . If all goes well with the two of them I will move on the the “fur grandkids: ) I do promise to let you know how it all goes ! So, until next time…I’m just going to keep on living the dream ! 

Blessings from the WilderNest 


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